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Pupil Achievement
Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award - 31/10/2013 09:27:59
Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award A big well done to 13 of our S4 pupils who have recently completed their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award: Adam Mitchell, Megan Curley, ... (Read more)
Zoe Cochrane Working with Transport Scotland - 16/08/2013 12:45:16
The Scottish Voluntary Sector and Community Resilience Seminar Event 2013 Zoe Cochrane, a pupil from Rosshall Academy has joined the TRBO ... (Read more)
Pupils Show Work At The Whys Man Exhibition - 07/05/2013 16:57:09
Picture by John James Photography includes Owen Patrick representing the work from Rosshall which was most of our 1st years and second year cohort plus several 4th year and 4 sections ... (Read more)
Kenya - 23/01/2012 09:27:49
Pupils from Rosshall Academy have pledged to raise £1500 each to go on a life changing trip to Kenya. Around 20 young people from Rosshall Academy will make the trip to Nakuru in June 2013 ... (Read more)
PUPILS GIVE TO CHARITY - 20/12/2011 14:32:43
The pupils presented the cheque to Anne Lawson - A Headway reprsentative from South Lanarkshire. She was delighted to receive this substantial amount of money and said it would ... (Read more)
TIMECAPSULE BURIAL - 15/12/2011 11:42:44
A time caspule was buried on Monday December 12 th 2011 at Glasgow 's £842 million "super hospital" to mark one of the most important milestones in the city's medical history. ... (Read more)
COMMON PURPOSE - 23/05/2011 15:13:54
Common Purpose is a course where pupils from Rosshall worked with other high schools in Glasgow. The first course was a three day trip to different places across Glasgow. The first day we met ... (Read more)
Mark Scott Foundation Leadership for Life Award - 28/04/2011 12:55:51
Laura Cooke 6A receiving her award from Lord Smith of Kelvin at Glasgow's Radisson Hotel in recognition of her participation in the Mark Scott Foundation Leadership for Life Award ... (Read more)
SPORTS LEADERSHIP AWARDS - 21/04/2011 10:22:01
A number of pupils from Rosshall Academy were presented with their Sports Leadership Awards at the City Chambers on Wednesday 30th March. Councillor Archie Graham (Executive Member ... (Read more)
Celebrating Success Oct 2010 - 25/10/2010 15:00:20
Celebrating success Oct 2010 ... (Read more)
ROSSHALL STARS - 16/06/2010 09:13:24
ROSSHALL STARS 2010 SIXTH YEAR Our Prefects £5000 raised for Charity over the course of the year and a variety of fun events. Our talented sixth year band ‘Colour ... (Read more)
Rosshall Academy Slam Winners - 04/06/2010 12:03:20
Sean McGhee, Craig McInally, Shannon Crawford, George Foster and Ibinabo David-West with the trophy – first place in the Inter School Poetry Slam final 2010. ... (Read more)
City Parking Winners - 04/06/2010 11:54:56
Glasgow City Council Parking Competition: Congratulations to our three prize winners Rachel Walker, Stuart Beveridge and Ryan Boyce (collected by Megan Parsons) ... (Read more)
Cheque for Charity - 04/06/2010 11:50:34
Lynn MacFarlane (Prefect) S6 presented this cheque for £1078 which had been raised through the non-uniform day to a charity called Dwelling Places. The aim of Dwelling Places is to ... (Read more)
Well done Jason & Paul - 07/05/2010 10:10:05
Congratulations to Paul Merchant and Jason Hughes of S4. From the 42 Glasgow pupils who do PreVoc Construction, Jason & Paul have been selected to represent Glasgow Metropolitan College ... (Read more)
Charity begins At Home - 17/03/2010 10:24:58
A number of our seniors gave up their time on Christmas day to help serve lunches to elderly citizens. This article gives you a little more info Well done to them and the parents who took them ... (Read more)
Fighting Inner City Crime - 17/03/2010 10:24:10
Two Senior pupils (Lisa Potter and Stephen Taylor) from the school helped Launch an initiative, along with Justice Minisister Kenny MacAskill, with the goal of fighting inner city crime. Please ... (Read more)