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Rosshall Academy

Senior Phase (S4/5/6)

Interim Assessment & Preliminary Examination Period 2015

Pupil Information


1 The examination diet starts on Monday 12th January 2015 and finishes on Friday 23rd January 2015.

2 Study leave for ALL pupils will start on Monday 12th January 2015 and end on Friday 23rd January 2015 (inclusive). Pupils will resume their normal timetable on Monday 26th January.

3 It is your responsibility to know which exams you are sitting, the level you are sitting and where and when the examination is taking place.

4 The examinations will be invigilated by our SQA invigilator team and any breach of the rules will result in the pupil concerned being disqualified and sent out of the examination area.

5 Pupils should wear school uniform when they are in school. This applies when attending an examination or visiting for any other reason.

6 Notices will be posted indicating where you should sit in the Games Hall or (occasionally a classroom). Seating arrangements will differ from subject to subject.

7 You should arrive at the Social Space in good time (10 minutes early) for your examinations. You may go home when the examination finishes.

8 If you are not scheduled for an examination on a particular morning or afternoon then you do not require being in school.

9 No mobile phones/music players etc. are allowed.

10 You should bring all the equipment you require for each exam i.e. pens, where appropriate pencils, rulers and calculators

11 In some cases the venue for the examination may change at the last minute, any changes will be announced on the day of the exam.

12 For any practical exams please see the following teachers:

? Dance Ms Murphy, Faculty Head Performing Arts

? Drama Ms Murphy, Faculty Head Performing Arts

? Music Ms Murphy, Faculty Head Performing Arts

? Hospitality Ms Bruce, Teacher Home Economics

13 Advance Higher courses at:

? GCU, prelims arranged by the university

14 Higher courses at:

? Clyde College, prelims arranged by college

15 Any problems please let Mr Keith or Mr Murphy (S4) or Ms Loudon (S5/6) know


16 Any pupil whose subjects are ALL N3orN4 please see Mr Quinn, PT Pastoral Care

To help you plan your study we are also publishing a timetable of internal assesments.You can down load it here