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CfE - Frequently Asked Questions

We asked for your questions re. CfE, in particular the S2 preference process and the Senior Phase, at the S2 Information Evening on 14th November. This is a summary of those questions with our responses.

CFE – Frequently Asked Questions


What is the process for deciding level of qualifications for pupils to follow?                          

            - when does this take place?

            - when will parents be informed?

            - who decides ?

            - on what criteria is this based?

- do we have any say on what level our child studies or is this purely the       decision of the teacher?

As has always been the case pupils will be recommended for a particular level of study by their teachers. This recommendation will be based on a range of assessment evidence gathered over the course of their studies during S2 and S3. A judgement will be made and parents will be given an indication of this in the pupil’s S3 report which will be issued in February. Depending on the individual and the subject it may be the case for a small number of pupils that a final level may not be decided until during S4.


What’s the real value of Access 3 and National 4?

These will be recognised qualifications in the same way as Foundation and General Level standard grades are currently. They will be at the right level for many pupils and success in these qualifications can be the maximum required for entry into employment, further education or training.



If there are not enough pupils to a class, can the subject be outsourced by e.g. Cardonald College?

We will have agreed courses with the colleges in advance as to what we think will be required and there is unlikely to be much scope for changes to this. As the Senior Phase evolves this may become more commonplace.


What is the timescale re. choosing of subjects?

-         For S2 Preferences, pupils were issued with the forms on the week beginning 5th November and they have to be returned by 30th November.

-         For S3 Options: this year the option forms will be issued on 28th January to be returned on 15th February


When do the preference choices begin?

January of S2 and they will continue studying these until late in S3.


Is there a set choice of subjects for particular professions?

There are not definitive full sets of option choices for a given profession although there are certainly some subjects which will be required – university websites and prospectuses should give up-to-date information for this. Our Options booklet and S3 Options information evening will provide relevant information and our Pastoral Care team will do their best to inform and advise pupils during the option process.






Will this be final and not revert back to the old way?

This is the curriculum model Rosshall has developed for CfE and it is highly unlikely to change in the near future.


What are the chances of my child being unable to study a subject they may require for a particular university course?

We will aim to provide as wide a range of subjects as possible within the constraints of staffing, resources and timetabling. While we cannot fully guarantee that this would not be the case, we are confident that our options will allow our pupils the opportunity to select subjects which will meet their needs as regards their choice of university courses.


Will studying a foreign language still be compulsory in S4 onwards?

While it will not be compulsory beyond S3 we would advise pupils and parents to think very carefully before opting to drop a foreign language and the potential implications when applying for jobs/ college/university places. It is a very valuable skill in an increasingly global economy.


The standard grade courses last for two years – are the new qualifications one year courses?

The courses have no clearly defined timescale but will represent the culmination of a learning journey which commenced in S1. While many of the skills will be developed over these years, specific work on the qualifications will generally last between one and two years.



As personalisation progresses will children continue to be stretched and challenged?

At all times we will aim to stretch and challenge pupils to ensure they achieve their full potential.



Will there be scope to change preferences at the end of S2 if it’s not working out?

If it is clear a pupil is struggling badly with a chosen subject, can this be changed mid-term?

While we would not recommend this during or at the end of a term we realise that there may be a few occasions where this becomes apparent. In this situation we would aim to facilitate a change. However because of a late entry they may not get their first choice of alternative and their chances of success may be reduced. We would also need to be confident that they have the potential to do better in the subject they are changing to. This highlights how important it is that pupils ensure they are fully informed and advised before making these choices so that the chance of this situation arising is very slim.