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Rosshall Academy Diet of Exams 2015


Rosshall Academy Diet of Exams 2015

Pupils, parents and carers can now view the 2015 exam timetable here.


Rosshall Academy

SQA Examination Diet 2015: Pupil Information


1 The SQA examination diet starts on Tuesday 28th April 2015 and finishes on Friday 5th June 2015(actual last exam occurring in Rosshall Academy is Monday 1st June).


A copy of the exam timetable is attached here.


2 Study arrangements are as follows:

·         Study leave will run from 7th May-29th May(inclusive)

·         If you have an exam before the 7th May you have permission not to attend school on the day before that exam should you so wish

·         You will return to school on Monday 1st June(except Higher PE candidates, they will return on the 2nd June)

·         Any pupil with no exams should attend school as usual(Mr Quinn will make arrangements for you)


3 It is your responsibility to know which exams you are sitting, and where and when the examination is taking place.


4 The examinations will be invigilated by our SQA invigilator team and any breach of the rules could result in the pupil concerned being disqualified and sent out of the examination area and a report being sent to the SQA.


5 Pupils should wear school uniform when they are in school, exams or otherwise.


6 Notices will be posted indicating where you should sit in the hall or gym or occasionally in a classroom. Seating arrangements will differ from subject to subject.


7 You should arrive in good time (10 minutes early) for your examinations and you may go home when the examination finishes.


8 No mobile phones/music players etc. are allowed. Please ensure you have read “Your Exams 2015” booklet.


9 You should bring all the equipment you require for each exam i.e. pens, where appropriate pencils, rulers and calculators. It is very important that you know or bring your SCN (Scottish Candidate Number) to all your exams.


10 Exams in italics DO NOT take place in Rosshall Academy; they will take place either at the HUB or Clyde College (please check well before the exam).


11 Any problems please let Mr Keith know immediately.