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Values Ambassador Nominations 2014


We need to hear from you!.

Do you know of anyone at Rosshall who has shown Aspiration, Compassion, Creativity, Integrity, Perseverance or Respect? We see pupils displaying these values every day and they are values that make Rosshall great. Now it’s your chance to tell the world about the amazing things we don’t see every day.

Do you know anyone that has amazing hopes and dreams? Anyone that cares for others and puts others needs before their own? Anyone that is full of ideas and amazing at problem solving? Anyone that means what they say and can always be counted on? Anyone that sticks with it and never gives up, no matter how hard it is? Or anyone that treats others with respect and dignity?


If you can think of someone and we are sure that everyone can, click the link below and email your suggestion. It won’t take long.

Just let us know:

Your Name

The name of the pupil you’re are nominating

Why you think they should be recognised.

Click here to nominate a pupil now!