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S5 Course Choice Booklet

S5/6 Course Choice Booklet 2013-2014


We will be using the 2012-13 S5/6 Course Choice Booklet to provide information to S4 pupils and parents.


This is available online via the school website (see link below) and in hard copy.

Please take note of the amendments and additions detailed below:




For 2012-2013 please read 2013-2014 with the following exceptions:


Page 6 and Page 7 - please ignore these option forms – new forms will be issued.


Page 8  - first line should read January 2013 and not February 2012


Page 42 – Philosophy will not be running during session 2013-14


Page 50 –  please ignore

See revised information on Practical Craft Skills in Woodwork – Intermediate 2


Click here to access the course choice booklet





Information on Engineering Craft Skills With Electronics – Intermediate 1 and 2


Revised Information on Practical Craft Skills in Woodwork – Intermediate 2


Information on Dance - Higher


Information on Media Studies – Intermediate 1


Information on Personal Finance – Intermediate 1


Click here to access the additions to the booklet