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S1 and S2 House Sports Results


The S1 and S2 House Sports was a massive success, thank you very much to all staff who came down and supported this.   

The results were as follow:




Football                1st Lewis               2nd Harris                              3rd Iona


Netball                 1st Iona/Lewis    2nd Barra                               3rd Iona


Basketball           1st Iona                 2nd Skye                                3rd Barra





Football                1st Barra                2nd Syke                                3rd Harris


Netball                 1st Iona                 2nd Lewis                              3rd Harris


Basketball           1st Lewis               2nd Skye                                3rd Harris/Iona


There will be photos up in the PE dept. very shortly!


The S3 competition will take place on Wed 9th Oct Periods 6 and 7.