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Pupil Achievement
Zoe Cochrane Working with Transport Scotland


The Scottish Voluntary Sector


Community Resilience Seminar Event 2013



Zoe Cochrane, a pupil from Rosshall Academy has joined the TRBO team as a Network Operations Assistant as part of her four week internship here at Transport Scotland. And already she’s been out and about.  On Tuesday, she attended The Scottish Voluntary Sector and Community Resilience Seminar Event at  Victoria Quay, Edinburgh.


The yearly event  brings together communities, voluntary sector organisations and public sector emergency responders to discuss their important role in responding to and recovering from emergencies. It also gave organisations the opportunity to network, view exhibitions by voluntary sector responders, share experiences and work together in a scenario based exercise.

Zoe went on to comment:

“Until now I had no idea that these sort of voluntary groups even existed. In the case of emergency the first and only people you expect to see is the emergency services”


A scene for a scenario based exercise was set up along with a media clip and a short briefing about the discussion. Individuals from different organisations were put into groups to discuss and answer questions regarding their preparations for the scenario. “It was fascinating to see how much effort and attention to detail went into the preparation and planning of each and every single organisation and how they all in some way link together with one another,” Zoe said.


“You don’t realise what goes on behind the scenes and how all of the organisations bring something different to the table, I would never have thought that in the case of an emergency British Red Cross would have an involvement with the emergency services in response to and recovering from a situation,” she added.


We asked Zoe her overall view of the event and she said,


 “All in all, the event its self was very fascinating, the way in which each organisation somehow or another link together with one another, I think is the key to all this, without those connections the job wouldn’t be done as efficiently and effectively as possible. It’s all about the resilience!! To think that there is other organisations out there who dedicate their time to helping other people by working alongside the emergency services is truly amazing!”


“The more people know about these types of organisations the better! It would be a really great thing to do if sometime in the future members of the organisations could go round giving talks to school pupils or in local community centres/churches”.