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Pupil Achievement



The pupils presented the cheque to Anne Lawson - A Headway reprsentative from South Lanarkshire. She was delighted to receive this substantial amount of money and said it would go to great use. The Prefects would like to thank everyone who contributed to this cause.

Rosshall Academy Prefects have raised over £1000 for a Charity called Headway. This charity raises money for people who have suffered from brain injuries and aims to help improve the quality of life for them. Our school has a strong history in community involvement and prides itself in its contribution made over the years in the number of Charities helped by the many fund raising activities held in the school. Part of the role of the Prefects is to look for new ways to help individuals and their families and Miss Maclean asked our Prefects to consider the charity Headway as a means of demonstrating one of our school values - Compassion. Rosshall Prefects organised various events to raise money for headway which included: Non uniform days, Raffles, doughnut selling, coffee mornings, washing of football strips (thanks Ms Maclean!!)