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Assisted Supported Learning
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Rosshall Academy Parent Council

Additional Support for Learning Parent Forum


Inclusion has become an issue which is high on the Scottish Education agenda and is now one of the key priorities at all levels.

We at Rosshall Academy Parent Council would like to develop an inclusive ethos whereby staff , pupils and parents share the same vision with regards to Additional Support For Learning.

Hamill & Clark (2010) report that in many secondary schools, learners with Additional Support Needs continue to be seen as a barrier to the effective teaching of the subject and as an obstacle to the effective learning of their peers.

Rosshall Academy Parent Council’s goal is to focus on the development of an Additional Support for Learning Parent Forum to create a holistic approach to meeting the needs of young people with Additional Support Needs within Rosshall Academy.

Early intervention is key .The role of parents/carers and the importance of developing partnerships at the earliest stage is paramount, therefore with this in mind we (RAPC) would like to invite you to join RAPC / ASL Forum to ensure   Additional Support for Learning is consistent in order that we can ensure that good practice is acknowledged and shared and that any barriers to inclusive learning are minimised.

Data resources – Hamill,P & Clark,K 2010 . Additional Support Needs:  Publisher Hodder & Gibson.


If you would like to be involved or would like any more information please contact RAPC via


Text :      07821 163 385

Letter:    Please send in contact details in sealed envelope to school office .

Once we have received your contact details we shall contact you to arrange a convenient time to hold a meeting?