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Local Shop Energy Drink Crisis
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Local Shop refuses to sell Energy Drinks



A local shop on Paisley Road West refuses to sell energy drinks such as MONSTER, EMERGE and ROCKSTAR to younger pupils. Lots of pupils at RosshallAcademy are furious at the shop owner’s decision.







Spar banned energy drinks to under 16 year olds. They say it’s a personal decision.  Normally you have to be 13 years old to drink one, but they say you have to be 16.   They said only pupils with black senior ties are allowed to buy these energy drinks.



A Spar employee told our  reporters Daniel McArthur, Ben McGreevy and Cameron Macpherson that the chemicals in the energy drinks makes children hyperactive.




What do you think about this important local issue?



Declan a S1 Pupil at Rosshall has this to say” I think the shop owner doesn’t sell energy drinks because it will make them hyper in their next class.”