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Abandoned Pets
Animal charities say more pets than ever have been abandoned over the festive period and part of the blame is being put on the recession.Across the country, councils and kennels have been inundated with unwanted pets.
And with fewer people adopting, the space to keep them is running out
The RSPCA says it rescued 33 dogs and cats across the South West on Christmas day alone.
This Border collie is also looking for a new home
Deryck Wilson, of veterinary charity PDSA, said: "Families have had to make tough decisions and pets have lost out.
"But there is help out there and they don't have to abandon these animals."
Charities are putting the higher number of dumped animals down to the credit crunch with families unable to cover the long-term costs of keeping their furry Christmas presents.


Police Car Crashes into Canal

          Two cops had to swim to safety after crashing their patrol car into a canal late at night. The officers were speeding to an emergency call when the driver of the car lost control.
    One said they thought it was a joyrider that had stolen the car and dumped it in the canal. Many people that lived near the canal were shocked and stunned. The crash was in the Clyde Canal in Kirkintilloch near Glasgow. A source said “These people are meant to be advanced drivers but this was a real Mr Magoo job.” No one did get hurt which was fortunate. The spokesman for Strathclyde Police said: “The accident happened shortly before 11pm on Sunday as the officers were answering a 'fast response call' ".