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Problem Solving
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Approximately half of the questions in the National 5 chemistry exam paper are problem solving based questions. The following problem solving booklets are designed to teach pupils the skills they require to answer these questions.

The booklet is split in to two sections and both sections can be accessed by clicking the relevant links below.

N.B. These problem solving questions have been adapted from Standard Grade so pupils should remember that they will not have credit and general questions in their paper. National 5 pupils may find credit level questions the most useful.

Problem Solving – Part 1

Section 1:  Graphs

1 a)   Drawing Bar Graphs  

1 b)   Drawing Line Graphs  

1 c)   Interpreting graphs/ Questions on graphs

Section 2: Tables

2 a) Tables from passages  

2 b) Tables from pie charts and vice versa

2 c) Flow charts/diagrams   

Problem Solving – Part 2

Section 3: Using your Data Book

3 a) General level

3 b) Credit level

Section 4: Unseen Chemistry, Looking for patterns and predicting results

4 a) General level

4 b) Credit level

Answers - Problem Solving