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S2 and S3 CfE
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S2 and S3 chemistry contains 6 topics which cover a range of areas such as: 

·         Energetics which covers types of reactions, speeds of reactions and catalysts

·         Atom Bonding which covers the atom, valency, naming compounds, electron arrangement, bonding and orbital diagrams

·         Forensics which covers fertilisers, crime scene investigation techniques and DNA

·         Earth's Materials which covers fuels, hydrocarbons, carbohydrates and alcohol

·         Plastics which covers natural and synthetic materials, polymerisation and smart materials

·         Acids and Metals which covers pH, neutralisation, reactivity of metals, extraction of metals, batteries and alloys


Each topic will consist of experimental work, written class work, extension tasks, homework and end of unit tests. Further information on each of these aspects of the course can be found by clicking the link on the right hand side.