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Misty Eyed Photos
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Misty eyed Photos



A wedding photographer blamed bad weather for blurry pictures. Judith Wright, 53 paid the photographer £540. She was devastated when she saw the pictures. She had spent all that money on blurry pictures. She paid for the pictures so she would have special memories of her wedding day but now she can’t recognize anyone in the pictures.  The groom Paul, 41 said he was gutted.


 As well as the pictures being blurry they were mostly of the backs of heads. One of the pictures were of a mobile on a table!


The Glasgow snapper was told to pay £290 compensation. He said yesterday that it was a foggy day and you could hardly see your hand in front of your face.  He also said that he was not a miracle worker.  


By Hazel Easton, Stephanie Thomson and Amy Mclnalty