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New Technology
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New way to travel : Jetpack

50 year old inventor, Mr Glenn Martin from New Zealand has created the ‘Martin Jetpack’ which costs a massive £42,000.
He had been working on this invention for almost 30 years and it weighs less than 115 kilograms.  
It includes:
2 Control handles –
Right: controls the height ;  Left: controls the turning
A parachute,   A Protective cage,
A Built-in satellite navigation system,
A gas engine and 2 ducted fans.
It travels at 100kph (60mph).  
You will be able to fly the Jetpack with reasonable co-ordination and stability within 40 minutes of training.
Glenn says: ‘After about 10 seconds you start to smile and that smile tends to last at least 2 days after you land’
You don’t need a licence to fly this new invention. So if you have £42000 to spare, why not buy one?  It would be a great way to get to Rosshall in the morning!

3D TV coming to a set near you!

Kingpin TV companies have been working behind the scenes to bring 3D TV’s worldwide. These will retail at £3,000, twice the amount of a normal flatscreen, and special 3D glasses will be worn when viewing.
Release not far away
Sony are hatching plans to begin the release in June in Japan, whilst Panasonic look to begin selling theirs in the UK within the next few months. There has been a fascination for all things 3D, with films like Avatar, Alice in Wonderland and UP! all being released in 3D.
An expensive upgrade is imminent, though Sky has plans to launch a 3D channel on which they hope to air films and possibly football.
Last year, the BBC announced that they wished to cover some of the upcoming 2012 Olympics in London in 3D too.