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1 Japanese Disaster
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Toxic Tokyo 

       Tokyo’s water supply spiked by toxic acid. 

Japanese parents are being urged not to give children under 1 tap water. Parents have been warned that the main water supply is unsafe for kids to drink from. All children should only be allowed one bottle of bottled water per day. This is the first time authorities have had to issue warnings to all people who live within 150miles of the capital.  

The damage affects of the power station are already reaching Europe from 8,000 miles away. Tokyo’s electric power admits to restoring power to all the people within 200 miles of the capital. This could take weeks even months said the boss of Japan’s electric power. He also said that the workers are being affected by radiation gasses. Staff were temporarily evacuated after black smoke shot out from reactor no 3.

 Residents near Fukushima have been told not to eat 11 different types of leafy foods. The USA has stopped all importations of milk, fruit and vegetables from 4 Japanese regions.

 The amount of confirmed deaths from the disaster has risen to 9408 with more than 14,700 people missing.  





A road, which was completely destroyed in Japan, has just been restored six days after the quake.


The main expressway at Naka, 80 miles north of Tokyo was left torn apart with a 5ft wide crack down the middle for more than 150 yards after the quake 13 days ago. Now it looks like it never happened.


In Sendai planes were landing again at the airport on a cleared runway that had been devastated by the massive tsunami which swept away cars and small aircraft.



Japan hits rock bottom!  A Survivor’s Tale


Japan had a major earthquake recently. It also had a tsunami due to the tectonic plates in the Japanese sea moving. This has created thousands of losses.


A young mother in Japan has got the courage to talk to us about what it was like. She said that it was terrible and heart breaking to see her daughter getting flushed away. She saw her little girl being swept away from the roof of her building. They were holding hands ever so tightly but her daughter couldn’t hold on any longer.  That was the last time she saw her daughter which is very upsetting.  


We thank this young lady for sharing this terrible experience. Thousands of other people have experienced similar situations. We hope that this young mum will find her young girl alive.