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Anti-gang Guidance from Government offered to Schools

Some schools across the UK are being issued with guidance on gang trouble.
Teachers, youth workers and children’s social workers will be given the guidance on what to do if they suspect gang trouble.
The advice given is to stop young people falling into a gang as said, once in a gang, it’s hard to get out.
It will be published ahead of an anti-knife crime week in schools next week.
Social workers who work with youngsters have been told to look out for those who could be in a gang or to spot the signs of gang violence from answering back and going in anger moods to drug and alcohol misuse.
Schools Minister Vernon Coaker said: “We want the early identification of these signs to become commonplace in schools and youth centres across the country as we aim to put an end to serious youth violence.”
John Chivers’ life term for pal's Barry stabbing

A man who stabbed his close friend in the heart twice has been jailed for a lifetime at Cardiff Crown Court.

John Austin Chivers, aged 30, attacked his close friend Paul Michael Jones, aged 41, after he was challenged for pushing over a woman. 

Chivers was denying his accuse of murder but was found guilty later on.

Judge Mr Justice Wyn Williams said Chivers was "more than a match" for Mr Jones despite having only one leg, and must serve at least 18 years.



Bullied to death!


Poppy Bracey 13, a teenager from Lowton High School has hung herself because she was being bullied for being to pretty!


Poppy was being bullied by jealous pupils who would phone her late at night pretending to be a local modelling agency asking her to join. They would also tell her that she should be in an ugly modelling agency.


Poppy became so depressed that she brought a knife into school and threatened to self harm. One of the teachers discovered that Poppy had a knife in school and sent her home.


After this Poppy was found dead in her room. Poppy’s mother Aileen Kelly, 42, said: Despite Poppy being in foster care they spoke all the time and she was a very clever bright girl. Poppy never thought a lot about herself but she was truly beautiful."  


Vending machine swallows Aberdeen girl's arm!

A mother of a small six year old girl has spoken out on her daughter’s vending machine ordeal where her arm was trapped in a cool drinks machine, and had to be rescued by fire-fighters!


Little Meredith Adam was left in extreme pain after having her arm cut out of a vending machine in the Union Square shopping mall in Aberdeen.


Her mother said that they had just been to see a film at their local cinema and after the film had to wait in a long line to pay for their parking when her daughter noticed the big vending machine and walked over to it. The next thing her mother heard was screaming and the loud shouts of her daughter panting, “My arm’s stuck, my arm’s stuck!”


Her mother did not believe Meredith at first and tried to remove her arm from the machine, but then to her horror, realised that her arm was firmly lodged!


Her daughter’s screams were heard throughout the mall and luckily someone got a member of staff to come and open the machine.  Unfortunately the worker did not have keys to the machine - nobody did, only the vending machine  engineers! By this time the girl’s mother feared that  her daughter’s arm may be damaged beyond repair.


 Luckily though, someone called the emergency services who came fairly quickly to the mall, although this may have seemed like the longest ever period of time for the small girl and her mother!


A fireman cut the girl’s jacket open and slowly her arm came out from the vending machine. The girl and her mother looked on in amazement at the arm it was in perfect shape!

The mother said that the firemen were really nice and even let little Meredith sit in the fire engine. This was one of the scariest moments of her life.