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S2 and S3 CfE
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From January in S2 to the end of S3, pupils study 5 topics which cover a range of areas of biology. 

·         Under the Microscope which covers cell structure and how to use a microscope

·         Growing Plants which covers the seeds, pollination, seed dispersal and asexual reproduction

·         Habitats & Adaptations which biodiversity, adaptations, food chains, food webs, human impact on the environment and the nitrogen cycle

·         Staying Alive which covers mitosis, genetic engineering, stem cells, micro-organisms in industry, enzymes, homeostasis – glucose and temperature regulation and behaviour in animals

·         Reproduction & Development which covers internal and external fertilisation, parental care, variation and genetics


Each topic will consist of experimental work, written class work, extension tasks, homework and end of unit tests. Further information on each of these aspects of the course can be found by clicking the link on the right hand side.

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