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Living A Boy's (And A Girl's) Adventure Tale
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Do you like a bit of adventure in your books?

Do you like the thrill of not quite knowing what's going to happen next?

Do you like your hero (or heroine) to face constant peril?

Here are some ideas to get you reading:

Try the Cherub books (and their prequels, the Henderson's Boys series) by Robert Muchamore, Young Bond by Charlie Higson, Alex Rider by Anthony HorowitzChris Ryan and Andy McNab have written books using their military experience - look for the Boy Soldier, Code Red and Alpha Force series.  In case you think it's only the boys who are allowed to have adventures, look for the Spy Girl books by Carol Hedges, Jane Blonde by Jill Marshall and Stunt Girl by Jonny Zucker.  All of these can be found in the Learning Centre.