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S1 Art and Design
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Welcome S1 Art and Design students! This section of the website will give you a rough guide of what to expect in your first year at Rosshall Academy in Art, as well as inspiring you to get creative outside of the classroom.

Please send us any of your artwork on twitter @Rosshall_Art



So, what is Art and Design all about?

Art and Design is an incredibly important thing for everyone. Studying the subject in school allows us to learn artistic skills but it also gives us the ability to express ourselves, in a number of ways. 


Where can Art take you and why is it important?

When you think about Art, you may think about painting, drawing or sculpting with clay and you would be correct, however art spreads much further than you can possibly imagine.

Take a look at the video below. Would you like to do any of these jobs?


What will you be learning?


Whether directly, or indirectly, students will learn about the Visual Elements. These are the foundations of art, without them we couldn't produce anything.

You will learn about shapes, colour mixing, drawing with different materials and much much more.






Exploring Self Portraits

As you explore S1 and your new adventures in to secondary education, what better project to do than Self Portaits. Creating a portrait is all about identity and looking at who you are, on the outside and the inside.


Getting in to Design

Think of all the things in your life that someone designed! Your phone case, shoes, clothes...curtains! In S1 you get the opportunity to put your design skills in to practice by designing for such things as shoes, celebrity T-shirts etc. When it comes to ideas, the sky is nowhere near the limit.