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Friends of Rosshall Park Award
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Pupils Show What Friends Are For

Pupils from Rosshall Academy had been asked to design a logo for the newly formed FRIENDS OF ROSSHALL PARK AND GARDENS. The winning logo would received a £25 prize.
Committee members agreed to have a logo,  so asked a near by school, Rosshall Academy, to design these logos.
Amanda’s logo impressed the judges most but it was a close call between the three finalists. 1st place received the £25, 2nd place received £20 and 3rd place received £15. But with Amanda being the winner she scooped up the TOP prize.
This event was held at Cardonald Library. Second and third place went to Carley and Melissa, also pupils from Rosshall Academy.
Earlier on I spoke to the winner of the logo designs for Friends of Rosshall Park and Gardens, Amanda, who told us  what her logo design represented.  
She said: “My picture for the Friends of Rosshall Park and Gardens represents what a park should look like. It shows the birds and the sun with nature all around it.
I think that Rosshall Park should be free of litter and should be a place for people to go and enjoy.
I thought that 2nd and 3rd place was really good and represented the park in different ways!”