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Asda Changes Name of Bird Food to Avoid Customer Chuckles


Asda have many bird foods  one of which is giving the giggles to customers.  This food is FAT BALLS.  Fat Balls cost £1.38; they are rolls of fat and seeds and can be hung in gardens in winter to attract wild birds to feed.

The workers from Asda have said they see people walking out of the pet aisle with smiles on their faces and have seen families having a giggle about the name "Fat Balls". Asda are thinking about changing the name or covering the packaging.

World Record Breakers
Students hug to break world record:
     Two young men from Greater Manchester have broken the world record for the longest hug.
     Faisal Mohyud-Din and Mohammed Azeem held each other for an amazing 24 hours and 17 minutes – defeating the current record by a margin of 16 minutes.
     They raised money for the Christie Cancer Unit in Oldham and the Salford University students stated that they wanted to do it because everyone is at risk from the killer disease.
     The couple finished their feat at Oldham Athletic’s Boundary Park Stadium during their football match, beating opponents, Leyton Orient, on Tuesday night.  An excuse for another hug?