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Liz Taylor Dies
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R.I.P. Liz Taylor


The death of Liz Taylor




Hollywood legend Dame Elizabeth Taylor died yesterday.  She was 79 years old. The British born beauty was hailed as the last of the silver screen goddesses.


Liz has had 7 husbands and been married 8 times.

Liz married Nicky Hilton for 2 years, Michael Wilding for 5 years, Michael Todd died in a plane crash in 1958, and 13 months after they were married, Eddie Fisher for 5 years, John Warner for 6 years, Larry Fortensky for 4 years and she married Richard Burton twice.


Her life was packed with more love. Liz Taylor died last night at the age of 79.  She passed away at Cedar Sinai hospital Los Angelas surrounded by her four children. She was very good friends with Michael Jackson.  




The mum of 4 died on the 23rd of March in hospital of heart failure.  She starred in many famous films such as Cat On A Hot Tin Roof , Cleopatra , Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woof , Giant , The Taming Of The Shrew , The Flintstones Butterfield 8 , National Velvet , Lassie and many, many more .


Elizabeth Taylor is much loved and will be sadly missed.