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Higher History
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Higher History

 Higher History offers in depth historical study for students in the Senior School. The course is designed to stimulate students learning, develop valuable life skills, promote debate and argument. It is designed to foster awareness of the world they live in and the impact of history on the present.
Entry Requirements
 Credit Pass at Standard Grade
 Intermediate 2 History
 Intermediate 2 in Geography or Modern Studies
Course Content
3 compulsory units of 40 hours
Will be divided into 3 Units of 40 hours and fall into the following categories:
• Later Modern History.Britain 1851-1951
The Suffragettes

Later Modern History.Large Scale State -USA,1918-1968
• Special Topic 5.Scotland and the Impact of the Great war,1914-1928
The first two units will see the students taking part in the practical work of the Historian by:
• building up their knowledge and understanding of the past
• analysing events and studying sources
• organising evidence
• presenting balanced pieces of writing expressed in essays
These skills will also be used in the Third Unit which will involve students examining and analysing sources.
The course also includes an opportunity for students to research and write an Extended Essay on an aspect of one of the 3 units.
Higher History will lead to:
• another Higher Social Subject course
• further study in colleges and universities
and overall a valuable qualification which could help in a variety of careers as well as having provided an enjoyable learning experience about the past.
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