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  Useful Web Sites for S Grade Modern Studies

This site has all the bite size revision notes contained in this pack and it also has interactive tests for each syllabus area.
This web site is useful for getting examples of all the syllabus areas eg recent industrial disputes, unemployment figures, the 2004 Presidential Election, previous elections and results in the UK, information on each African country etc.
A useful site for examples, it has special reports on a range of topics like US Elections, Scottish Politics, Nato etc.
Pupil information sheets for S Grade can be found in the education section of this site.
The site for the dept. of Work and pensions it is good for the latest on government benefits and schemes for the unemployed.
A child’s guide to US government, aimed at the under 12s but can be a useful starting point for information on US government.
Both sites that have information on US government
The US census site good for up to date information on ethnic groups in the USA.
The site for the National Rifle Association.
This site gives gun laws in each of the states. - all United Nations sites useful for Politics of Aid etc. - good for information on poor countries and examples of Oxfam’s work in Africa.
Useful web sites for Higher Modern Studies How to get an A pass, up dates of all the topics. Your teachers will give you the username and password.
Information on most topics covered – USA, Africa, Health, Scottish Politics, voting systems and behaviour.
Useful sites for S1/2