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National 5 French / Spanish
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The National 5 course aims to enable pupils to develop the ability to read, listen, talk and write in a foreign language; that is to understand and use French/Spanish and to apply their knowledge and understanding of the language.

The course offers the opportunity to develop detailed language skills in the real-life contexts of Society, Learning, Employability and Culture     


Reading and writing exams – pupils may use a dictionary

  • 1hr30 minutes
  • Total marks – 50
  • Weighting in final grade – 50%
  • Reading - three passages of just under 200 words each and questions to be answered in English
  • Writing - 120-150 words in French/Spanish in the form of an e-mail, applying for a job or work placement; there will be 6 bullet points to address (4 will stay the same).                                      

Listening exam – Pupils may NOT use a dictionary

  • 25 minutes (approx)
  • Total marks – 20
  • Weighting in final grade – 20%
  • Part 1 – pupils to listen to a presentation in French/Spanish and answer questions in English
  • Part 2 – pupils to listen to a conversation in French/Spanish and answer questions in English.


Performance exam

  • Presentation in French/Spanish –  1-2 minutes (approx) -  10 marks
  • Discussion in French/Spanish – 4-5 minutes (approx) - 15 marks plus 5 marks for sounding natural and being spontaneous
  • Total marks – 30
  • Weighting in final grade – 30%.
  • The presentation and conversation will be from one of the following contexts: society, learning, employability, and culture. Pupils may refer to other contexts


At National 5 Level, pupils will work on two Units:

1. Understanding Language

This is about pupils’ ability to READ AND LISTEN to written and spoken French/Spanish.

2. Using Language

This is about pupils’ ability to TALK and WRITE in French/Spanish.

All of the assessments for these Units will be carried out and marked by the class teacher and they will also be verified by someone from outside the school. The class teacher will build up a bank of EVIDENCE to show that pupils have passed the units. Pupils will sit one assessment per skill area.