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Performance Exam (60%)
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Preparation for the performance exam starts in December. All pupils are issued with their final exam script and start to think about their final role for the exam - either as an actor or designer. This final decision will be made with support from the class teacher.


Key to success in this unit is attendance and learning lines well in advance of the final performance date. Lunchtime and after school rehearsals are highly recommended in order to prepare and receive one-to-one support from the department.


Pupils can also secure up to 10 marks of the final award by completing the Preparation for Performance folio. This is essentially a summary of the process they have gone through for the performance exam.


In addition, pupils complete a final logbook as evidence of that preparation. This is completed by the end of March.


The performance exam is usually in March. An SQA examiner visits in order to watch and assess pupils. Marks are not revealed at this stage to pupils or staff.