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Rosshall Academy Geography Department

Geography at Rosshall is committed to raising awareness of the social and environmental issues that pupils face locally and globally. Pupils are encouraged to investigate their ideas and challenge their own opinions about the world they live in.
Pupils in S1 gain core skills that will be used in Geography and other subjects. Basic map reading skills are built upon from primary school and enhanced with understanding scale and interpreting the shape of the land. Pupils also learn to use a range of different maps that include physical, political and thematic.
S1 pupils also learn about the weather. They have the opportunity to measure the elements of the weather and learn about the driving forces that shape our climate in the UK.
S2 & S3 pupils study a range of topics that cover the wide scope of Geography. Pupils investigate different climate regions, learning about how the climate influences the life of people, plants and animals. The environmental and social issues specific to these regions are a large part of pupils experiences. Pupils learn about the impact of deforestation, desertification, Climate change and social inequalities.
Pupils also learn about the geological processes that have shaped and continue to shape our world.
S4 pupils have the opportunity to sit National Level Courses. The National course offers a well balanced approach to Geography.
The course is made up of 3 units:
Physical Environments
Human Environments
Global Issues
The Nationals build on the topics covered in S2 such as Climate and Development. It also provides a very good foundation for the Higher course by introducing topics such as Coasts and Glaciation.
S5 & 6 pupils can either sit Higher Geography, National 5 Geography or Travel and Tourism.
Higher Geography allows pupils to tackle topics such as: Demographics
3rd World Development
Tropical Disease
Higher Geography instils a wide range of skills that have applications throughout life.
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