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Rosshall Pupils In Kenya

Twenty senior pupils from Rosshall Academy are currently visiting Kenya, accompanied by Rosshall teachers, supporting local children and teachers in their schools.


During their 2 week trip, pupils are involved in a variety of activities, including


Assisting local teachers in classes

Delivering sports coaching to local youngsters

Supporting local youngsters at mealtimes and out with school.


Our pupils have been very touched by their experience - to witness such poverty, yet such contentment at the same time, has been a powerful experience for all of them. The Group leader in Kenya said" When the children see Mzunga (White people) like you, they feel hope. You bring hope". One of our own staff, group leader Lauren Stephen, recorded on her blog "Can't really translate what we witnessed into words here. Unreal. Can't figure out what was most torturous; the physical impact...or the emotional tangle of guilt at being so wealthy”. This was a sentiment echoed by our pupils.


This fantastic opportunity will also give our own young people the chance to develop an understanding of the challenges faced by many youngsters in other parts of the world, as well as develop their own leadership skills, increase their confidence and team working abilities. There have also been a number of opportunities across the year for pupils to become involved in fundraising activities, and we are grateful to the support of our Parent Council in this as well.


This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity, and we congratulate our staff and young people on the fantastic work they are undertaking.

This was our 747 300.



This was the view that we were treated to over the Rift Valley.

this was out accomodation


All the pupils wanted to say thank you to the Parent Council for all the support and help that they had given them.


This was our first day on the project working with local children, finding out about their school and comunity

 Jayne, the leader at Ronaken project


We have been helping in the local school and trying to teach through the language barrier.


we have met some great local characters


They seem to be as interested in us as we are in them.

 Annie is a total natural, great with the kids and overcomes the language barrier well.


Rachel and Samson


Scott preparing for the rush


The Ronaken Rosshall team is a well oiled machine. Margaret is left to supervise.


The whole team with our host school