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Curriculum Overview



Pupils follow a 3 year course in line with the BGE Health and Wellbeing Experiences and Outcomes. The activities covered will prepare them for entry into National 4/5 P.E. With 3 periods of P.E. for S1 and 2 periods for S2 and S3 pupils will develop skills, knowledge and understanding in Orienteering, cross country, dance, football, rugby, volleyball, basketball, badminton, trampolining, athletics, netball and hockey.


Pupils selecting Nat 4/5 PE are allocated four periods of P.E. to develop knowledge and understanding, critical thinking skills and performance skills.
Core PE pupils are allocated 2 periods of P.E. Pupils have personalisation and choice in activities to permit specialisation as well as a degree of diversification.


Senior students will be able to study Physical Education at either Higher or National 5 Level. S5 core P.E are allocated 2 periods of P.E. Pupils have the opportunity to achieve further accreditation by completing Sports Leader 4 and Wellbeing Award. There is also the opportunity to pursue coaching awards in certain activities.
 Course Entry - Higher
Pupils who are interested in Higher P.E. would normally have achieved one of the following:


National 5 Award
Other relevant experience in Physical Education                                         

National 5

Pass at National 4 award
Other relevant experience in Physical Education