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Open Ended Questions
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Open ended questions are found in part 2 of the National 5 chemistry exam. There will be 2 questions of this style in the exam typically worth 3 marks each.

These questions ask pupils to draw on the understanding of what they have learned and apply it in an unfamiliar situation. This helps to see if a pupil has truly understood a chemical concept.

Pupils will have to explain key concepts in their answer but an advantage of this style of question is that there is no unique correct answer. Pupils can use their creativity and analytical skills they have learned throughout the year along with their knowledge of chemistry to provide a full, detailed answer.

Resources to help pupils practice these questions can be found by clicking the links below:

Open Ended Questions – Part 1

Open Ended Questions – Part 2

Extended Answer Questions

Extended Answer Questions – Marking Scheme

If pupils want extra help with these types of questions, Rosshall offer regular Supported Study (information on this can be found by clicking here). Pupils should also remember to ask their teacher!