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BBC School News Report 2009

Rosshall Academy School News Report

Keep up to date with all the latest international and local news as well as all the celebrity gossip and sporting events with Rosshall Academy's roving reporters.

Also - look out for our exclusive interviews with double gold winning Paralympian Aileen McGlynn. 

We also secured a top notch interview with ex- Rangers ace, Mark Hateley.



North Korea is making final preparations for the launch of what is thought to be a long range ballistic missile capable of hitting America.  The rocket has been moved onto a launch stand in Musudan-ri, in the east of the country and experts say the missile test could be jsut a few days away.  two military experts say that two large missiles could hit America.  The U.S is now warning that a missile test will force the country to take the matter to the United Nations.  A North Korean missile test would go against a UN resolution that bans the countryfrom ballistic activity.

By Ewan, Jeff, Kieron and Ross


An eleven year old school girl was close to being abducted. an asian man grabbed her arm from behind and spoke in a different language from her own.  Fortunately, she managed to brake the man's grasp and ran for her ife. The incident took place at around 12.45 on Monday in the Woodlands area of Glasgow. The girl described the first man as six foot tall with light brown hair and was wearing a leather biker's jacket and a pair of greyish jeans.  the other man was in his thirties and about 30 years old.

By Stephen and Raoof


The celebrity jade Goody, who died recently of cervical cancer at the age of 27 is due to be buried in her wedding dress on April 4th at St. Johns the Baptist church in Essex. Jade's Mum is going to dress her daughter in her wedding outfit and make sure she looks as gorgeous as she did on her wedding day in her £3500 Manuel Mota silk, ivory dress.

By Jamie, Lucy, Cara, Sarah and Kayleigh


On Saturday, Scotland face Holland in a World Cup Qualifying match.  Ranger's number one, Allan McGregor, has been issued with the number one jersey for scotland. he has been chosen over former number one, Craig Gordon. Scotland manager George Burley said "it was a straight forward decision for me, everyone knows my thoughts for Craig.  he has been magnificent for me at Hearts and scotalnd. the reason is that Craig has simply not played, so the number one jerswey had to go to Allan." Scotland has injury problems, with many big names such as Broadfoot and weir out of action. However, all is not lost as Whittaker could make his debut against Holland in the Amsterdam Arena. according to an exclusive scoop Rosshall reporters received straight from Chick Young the line up for the team will be McGregor, Naismith, Caldwell, McManus, Whittikar, Hartley, Fletcher, Brown, Ferguson, Millar and Fletcher. Although there is doubt about Hartley and McManus.


Dull and damp in the south during the morning but otherwise a day of sunny intervals and scattered blustery showers, some heavy. North Western Scotalnd will have persistent rain by the afternoon with snow on higher ground.  Gales in the north.

By Lauren and Chloe


Scientists believe that they have found out that it takes a gaze of 8.2 seconds for a boy to decide if he is in love or not. frank McAvennie says that he would disagree because it takes him 10 seconds just to see a girl's face!

By Lauren and Chloe





Winning a gold medal is an achievemnt that most of us can only dream about. However, with a lot of hard work, a great deal of talent... and a bike, on elocal Glasgow girl was able to realise this dream.

the reorters at Rosshall Academy were lucky enough to interview a double gold winning Paralympic cyclist Aileen McGlynn, and asked her how she did it, why she did it, and how we can do it too!

Q. How did it feel when you won your gold medals?

A. It was a fantastic experience and a geat achievemnt to be on the team and go to Beijing. To stand on the podium with a gold medal around your neck with the national anthem in the background is an amazing experience.

Q. How does your disability affect you when you cycle?

A. I only have 10% vision in one eye and about 6% in the other. It affects me because i can't cycle on my own fast. I tend to cycle on the tandem where someone is in charge of the steering, and then all i have to worry about is peddling as fast as ic an, because the person in front is in charge of keeping us on the track.

Q. what encouraged you to start cycling?

A. i just enjoyed cycling from a really young age, and i liked to ride my bike like any other child. it helped me improve my confidence.

Q. Why didn't you tell the cycling club you joined when you were young that you were vision impaired?

A. I wanted to prove myself before i told them that i was vision impaired. I wanted to join in with the rest and be treated like everyone else.

Q. who is your role model?

A. Watching Chris hoy at the Common Wealth games winning gold was a real inspiration for me to contactBritish Cycling and see what was available for disabled athletes.

Q. What advice would you give to someone who wanted to follow in your footsteps?

A. Get fit and get out there! Be on the bike as much as possible and join a cycle club. if you enjoy it get out there and do it!

On behalf of all the reporters at Rosshall Academy we wish Aileen all the best for her next challange of London 2012. 

By Chloe


On a dark March morning the BBC School News reporters of Rosshall Academy had the fantastic opportunity to brighten up their day by interviewing footbaling legend, Mark Hateley, who at the peak of his career played for Rangers Footabll Club.

mark's Advice to aspiring footballers was to play all the time until football becomes second nature. this means practicing for at least twenty hours a week. mark said he used to "play stacks" and this was obviously why he was so good.

Mark discussed his footballing career and answered our reporters probing questions. when asked about his time spent at Ibrox he revealed that he was good friends with Ally McCoist and that Rangers is still the team he supports today.

Mark exclusively told our reporters that his nickname when he played was Attila. This was becasue Attila was a warrior who was strong and never ever got scared, just like Mark when he played. this nickname started when he played for AC Milan because when the Italians pronounced his mane the H was dropped, and it sounded like "Atilay" which soon became Attila. this was how he got the nickname that stuck with him throughout his career.

Mark revealed that he has had 14 operations because of football injuries and that he can no longer play football although he would like to. as a result he now coaches young people and helps them to realise their own dreams.

Mark competed against the pupils in a "Quickfire Quiz" devised by the Rosshall reporters to test his football knowledge. this sporting legend proved that he still knows his stuff as he beat the Rosshall reporters and proved that he is up to date with the world of sport.

Mark's final comment before leaving was to give the piece of advice that to reach your dreams "you have to work hard and believe in yourself." A wise suggestion from the footballing legend who certainly brightened up our school day.

 By Lauren