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Business Education & Computing
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Business Education covers three mains topics.


1) Accounting and Finance; which develops an appreciation of the contribution and role of accounting to business , as well as equip pupils with the transferrable financial life skills for entry to the adult world.


2) Administration; which develops the knowledge and ICT (Information & Communications Technology) skills required for the processing and communication of business information.


3) Business Management. Business is a major dimension of our modern society and Business Management is a key determinant of business and competitive success. It develops knowledge and skills which will allow them to access, understand and contribute to the dynamic business and information environment in which they live, develop open and enquiring minds and be capable of active participation in society.





Computing is intended to engage pupils in problem solving activities in a variety of contexts and to provide them with practical experience in areas where computers are used. The syllabus focuses on three main areas; Computer applications, Computer systems and Programming.


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