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Physics uses basic ideas – matter, force, energy, and so on – to explain almost every aspect of our world from the smallest parts of our bodies to the great clusters of galaxies. The claim that “Physics is at the heart of everything” is largely true.


Physics is relevant to almost every human activity and the systems that modern technology offers which can improve our health and well-being. Such is the importance of physics now and for the future that we need more young people to study physics. Physicists work in a range of occupations including:


* mechanical engineering

* electrical engineering

* electronic engineering

* civil engineering

* health industry

* transport industry

* energy industry


Rosshall Academy offers a range of SQA physics courses in S3 to S6, covering a wide range of abilities and needs. 


From S3 onwards, the school offers a number of courses to fit pupils of different abilities and needs. Pupils can take a progression of courses in the upper school, to fit in with their interests and career hopes.


In S4 pupils can study National 4 or National 5 physics. In S5 pupils can progress on to Higher physics and some pupils might follow this course over 2 years in S5 and S6. Rosshall also offer Advanced Higher physics for S6 pupils who wish to further their studies. Please click on the links on the right for more information on these courses.


The route a pupil follows will depend on their success in the subject, advice from the department and the suitability of the courses for the individual.