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National 5
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National 5 biology is studied over 1 year in S4, S5 or S6. It is divided into 3 units: 

·         Biology: Life on Earth which contains topics on biodiversity, ecosystems, adaptation, natural selection and evolution.

·         Cell Biology which contains topics on cell structures, DNA, proteins, enzymes genetic engineering, photosynthesis and respiration.

·         Biology: Multicellular Organisms which contains topics on cells, tissues and organs, stem cells, reproduction, variation and inheritance.


More information on the course structure can be found on the SQA website.


At National 5, pupils will need to pass 3 unit assessments and an external exam. Pupils will also be assessed using a written scientific report. All assessments will cover knowledge and understanding of biology as well as problem solving skills.


Pupils will also receive regular homework and revision throughout the year covering each topic. The assessment of National 5 pupils is split into 2 sections: an assignment and an external exam at the end of the year.