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S2 Science
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From August to December in S2, pupils continue to study a number of topics to cover all 3 sciences. Please click the links below to view the pupil workbook for each topic: 



S2 pupils will receive 1 formal homework for each topic. These homework questions can be found in the S2 homework booklet below.


S2 Homework Booklet


Extension Tasks


As well as regular homework questions, pupils may be asked to complete an extension task on a particular topic. This generally involves pupils carrying out scientific research and then presenting what they have found in a poster or a PowerPoint.


Pupils are given an explanation of what is required to complete the task as well as success criteria to help guide them. Please click the link below to view the list of tasks and success criteria.


Extension Tasks


Pupils will also complete an assignment in the Microbes topic to help them develop their investigative and inquiry skills. Using their Microbes knowledge, pupils are asked to complete a set of tasks investigating microbes. All the information that they require is given in the information box on the sheet below or in their Microbes topic booklet.


Microbes Assignment


If pupils want more help or have questions about their homework, extension tasks or practice tests, they should remember to ask their teacher!