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Written Exam (40%)
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The N5 question paper is sat as part of the normal SQA diet (late April/ Mid May) and pupils will be in the Games Hall to do this. Pupils have 1 hour 30 minutes to complete a paper with two sections. Throughout the paper is is essential that pupils use drama vocabulary in their answers eg the language used in the support booklets issued throughout the year.


Section 1

These are evaluation questions which are based on any performance the pupil has been a part of. They can answer from the point of view of an actor or designer. The key to success in Section 1 is justification - why did they make that decision/ solve that problem etc.


Section 2

This section assesses pupils abilities in responding to a stimulus, creating a drama independantly and then answering questions that challenge their dramatic knowledge and vocabulary. The key to success in Section 2 is reading ahead

  1. read all of the questions first.
  2. then choose the stimulus that gives you the  most ideas that suit the questions.
  3. use the planning page to make notes on your ideas - use the 5ws to get started, or even link your notes to the questions you know are coming up.
  4. fully describe your answer using drama vocabulary - paint a picture for your examiner!