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National 4 French / Spanish
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National 4 Modern Languages Courses develop literacy skills by giving pupils opportunities to read, listen, talk and write in a modern language and to reflect on how this relates to English. These courses enable pupils to understand and use a modern language, to apply their knowledge of a modern language, and to develop planning, research and language skills.


At National 4 Level, pupils will work on THREE Units.


1. Understanding Language

This is about pupils’ ability to READ AND LISTEN to written and spoken French/Spanish.

2. Using Language

This is about pupils’ ability to TALK and WRITE in French/Spanish.

All of the assessments for these Units (Understanding Language and Using Language) will be carried out and marked by the class teacher and they will also be verified by someone from outside the school. The class teacher will build up a bank of EVIDENCE to show that pupils have passed the units. Pupils will sit one assessment per skill area.

3. Added Value Unit

In this assessment, pupils will choose a topic they wish to study with help from their teacher. With their teacher’s guidance they will read at least 2 straight-forward texts in French/Spanish related to this topic. Pupils will have to show their understanding in English of these two texts, by responding to questions asked by the teacher. Afterwards, pupils will select relevant information, give an spoken presentation (in French/Spanish), on the topic they have investigated. Finally, their teacher will ask questions about the chosen topic (in French/Spanish) to allow pupils to demonstrate that they understand and can respond to straightforward questions.

This assessment will also be marked by teachers in the school and will be verified by someone outside the school.

Key dates:  Added Value Unit assessment will take place in the autumn term of S4.  Listening, reading, talking and writing assessment will take place throughout the course.