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Libya In Flames


Explosions rock the country




Fighting between rebels and forces loyal to Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi has been continuing in key cities after a fifth consecutive night of air strikes by international forces. Night have went past and explosions have happened to Tripoli.


 In Misratas, a rebel-held city east of the capital, government tanks have been shelling the area near the hospital. As revolt sweeps the Arab world, thousands of Libyans have risen up against the 42-year rule of Moamer Kadhafi, who has responded with troops and fighter planes. 


There are hundreds of reports of bloodshed but the leader's allies have defected and the rebels have fought on.



The cost of a war with Libya



One of the main costs would be getting the planes there and back. For a Tornado to fly to Libya and back costs £210,000 and there are normally 4 going round the air space at the same time. That means over a small amount of time of it will cost the government £840,000 just to fly round Libya’s airspace.


For the £70 million  Euro fighter Typhoon to do the same it would cost £350,000.  There are 10 of them. That would mean a total cost of £3,500,000.


Finally HMS Triumph has been firing Tomahawk missiles which cost £500,000 each.  Also to run the sub for a day costs £200,000. 


This gives our readers an idea of how much this war is costing us per day!